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Jan’s 30-year teaching career is evident in her workshops.  She is knowledgeable and passionate about her subject, clear and thorough in her directions and professional in her approach to each subject she teaches.   Jan has taught half-day to three-day workshops as an individual facilitator and as a co-facilitator.  She approaches her workshops from years of experience and enthusiasm for her topic. 


Drawing Level I  (10-12 hours)

This hands-on workshop deals with basic drawing. Participants will learn to “see” by practicing a variety of ‘hand-eye’ techniques.  No prerequisite but passion required. 

Materials:  paper & pencil, blending sticks

  • Learning to see

  • Proportion

  • Value

  • Composition


Drawing Level II  (10-12 hours)

A hands-on, practical workshop that focuses on the human form and portraiture.  Basic drawing skills are a prerequisite. 

Materials: paper & pencil, blending sticks

  • Proportion

  • Drawing figures

  • Portraiture

  • Attention to detail & composition


Drawing Level III  (10-12 hours)

This hands-on class introduces participants to perspective in drawing.  It focuses on value, light and space as well as proportion and composition.  Basic drawing skills are a prerequisite. 

Materials: paper, pencil, ruler, blending sticks

  • One point perspective

  • Two-point perspective

  • Space (positive & negative)

  • Value, light & shadow

  • Composition


Intuitive Art.  (Approx. 6 hours – ideal for a one-day workshop)

This workshop is an exciting, hands-on workshop that delves into drawing, composition and colour theory.  No prerequisite is required

Materials:  India Ink, brushes, oil pastels, baby oil, small pieces of cloth (rags)

  • Basic Drawing

  • Space (positive & negative)

  • Colour Theory

  • Oil pastel technique

  • Composition


Painting:  Watercolour (8-10 hours)

This hands-on workshop focuses on basic watercolour techniques and delves into a variety of possibilities offered by the watercolour medium. 

Materials:  Watercolour paints, brushes, paper, palette, masking/painter’s tape, painting board, paper towel & water container

  • Introduction to watercolour – the possibilities

  • Wet on dry; wet on wet, dry on wet

  • Colour theory – transparent and opaque colours

  • Staining colours

  • Watercolour “tricks”

  • Composition & practice


Painting:  Acrylic  (10-12 hours)

This hands-on workshop will focus on the possibilities of the medium and the various techniques offered by acrylic paint.  Colour theory and composition are inherent to the discussion. 

Materials:  Acrylic paint, brushes, palette, palette knives, masking/painter’s tape, heavy paper, canvas & water container

  • Introduction to acrylic paint – the possibilities

  • Used as ‘watercolour’, ‘oil’, with gel ‘medium’, with brush & with palette knife

  • Glazing Techniques

  • Colour theory – finding “true” colours

  • Composition & practice


Painting:     (Palette Knife (10-12 hours)

This hands-on workshop focuses on the many techniques and styles achievable with a variety of palette knives.   Participants can use oils or acrylics with this tool.  Colour theory and composition are inherent to the discussion.

Materials:  acrylic or oil paint, palette knives (small to midsize to larger), paint brushes for glazing, water container, paper towel, several (4-5) small boards or canvases (5x7; 6x6, 8x8, etc)for practice, one or two larger canvases or boards for individual work.

  • Introduction to the variety of palette knives

  • Practice for each possibility – clouds, grass, reflections, trees, shapes, etc

  • Glazing and other “magical” outcomes with the textured palette knife works

  • Discussion around composition and colour theory

  • Demonstrations and individual assistance

Jan Layh
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